Fatima Alawadhi


-Certified trainer in TESOL and TESL (MEG, Chicago) 

- Bachelors of English Language and Literature (The Open University, UK) 

- Masters in International Education (University of Leicester, UK) 



-Interpreter (and translator) of The Govt. of Mubarak Alkabeer. (Kuwait)

-Translator at the Council of Ministers. (Kuwait)

- TESOL and French language instructor at Expression Institution for learning (Kuwait)

-TESOL instructor at English Skills school for training (Kuwait)

-TESOL and Spanish language instructor at Elite institution (Kuwait) 

-English instructor at the Ministry of Education (Kuwait) 


Skills and Resumé

-Specialized in TESOL, teaching English as a second language, IELTS, TOEFL tests preparations, English for adults.

-Specialized in English conversation classes and teaching accents and pronunciation. 

-Training students for university aptitude tests. 

-Taught courses of writing skills, French, Arabic, English and Spanish languages.

-Taught an Arabic course for Albisher & Alkazemi non-Arabic speaking managers.

-Taught English for professions such as Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Design. 


Social media:

Instagram: @knowyourielts

برامج تدريبية

برامج تدريبية

تحضير إختبار الآيلتس

Fatima Alawadhi

5 أيام

18:00 - 20:00



65.00 KWD